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Challenge Your Church or Christian Organization

To Donate Christian Materials to Love Packages



There's a great need for Christian materials around the world.

Love Packages is an ministry that helps fill this great need

by shipping containers of new or used donated Christian materials

and places them into the hands of those who are hungry for the Gospel.


The following is a tour of Love Packages - Take a look and share it with a friend.



How Can I Help?


You, or your Church / Organization can help by collecting:


~ Bibles (New and Used)

~ Tracts

~ Christian Books and Magazines

~ Sunday School Materials

~ Commentaries and Concordances

~ Audio and Video Christian Cassettes, CD's andDVD's

~ Reference Books and Dictionaries


How many of us have extra Bibles collecting dust on our shelves

when they could be distributed into the hands of those in need?

The following video shows the value of what our extra Bibles could do overseas...



To donate your Christian Materials, send your package(s) to:


Love Packages

220 Union Street

Butler, IL 62015


Thanks for your support...