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    I am not exactly sure what you are looking for,

so I will try to add to the subject,

but if you would answer back and be more specific,

 maybe we can help. 

My answers will be from a Scriptural (Biblical)

 view unless otherwise stated.

    Words in any language such as "life" or "death"

 can have different meanings and usages

in both language and Scripture. 

Understanding the meaning depends on the context and how it is used. 

    For example, as I related previously, "death" in Scripture

can mean separation from God,

as shown in the account in Luke 16:19-31 of the unrighteous man

who was separated from the righteous man by a great gulf,

one going to eternal life with God, the other to a place of torment. 

John 10:28 explains by saying, "I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish."

 The body is buried and decays. 

Life can also mean just physical life.

    In John chapter three we have Jesus' visit with Nicodemus,

discussing life as being born and eternal life as being born again. 

He contrasts physical life as being "born of water" or "born of the flesh"

with spiritual/eternal life as being "born of the Spirit."  

Here in verse 16 is where it speaks of perishing as opposed to eternal life.

 Perishing is connected to judgment and condemnation as opposed to eternal life.

  In verses 16&18 we see the deciding factor that determines these consequences

is whether or not you believe in God's Son, Jesus.

  Notice the present tense.  

The believer has eternal life.

 Read also John 5:39; 6:68 and 10:28.

    Modern day examples of the use of a word, in this case "life,"

might be phrases such as "this is the life," or "get a life" or the "good life,"

 just to illustrate how words can be used. 

We understand their meaning by their use.

 These are just a few examples of the use of the word "life."

    Jesus did this when He said in John 10:10,

 "I came that they might have life and might have it more abundantly." 

What did He mean? It means more than being saved from sin and perishing in hell.

 This verse refers to how "here and now" eternal life should be – abundant, amazing!

 Does that mean a "perfect life," with everything we want?  Obviously not!

 What does it mean?  To understand this and other puzzling questions

we all have about "life" or "death" or any other question

we must be willing to study all of Scripture, and that requires effort. 

I mean really working on our part.

    This is what the Psalmist (Psalm 1:2) recommended

and what God commanded Joshua to do (Joshua 1:8). 

God wants us to meditate on the Word of God. 

That means study it and think about it.

     John chapter three teaches us that we are "born again" of the "spirit." 

Scripture teaches us that God's Spirit comes to live within us (John 14:16&17; Romans 8:9).

It is interesting that in I Peter 2:2 it says, "as sincere babes desire the sincere milk

of the word that you may grow thereby." 

As baby Christians we don't know everything

and God is telling us that the only way to grow is to know the Word of God.

    2 Timothy 2:15 says, "Study to show thyself approved unto God

…rightly dividing the word of truth."

    I would caution you that this does not mean getting answers about God's word

by listening to others or reading books "about" the Bible.

 A lot of these are people's opinions and while they may be good,

what if their opinions are wrong?  Acts 17:11 gives us a very important,

God given guideline: Compare all opinions with the book that is totally true,

the Bible itself.

  IN Acts 17:10-12 Luke complements the Bereans

because they tested Paul's message saying they "searched the Scriptures

to see if these things were so." 

This is exactly what we should always do and the more we search

the more we will know what is true and the more we will know the answers

 to our questions and know God Himself.

  The Bereans tested even the Apostle Paul.

    Here are a couple interesting verses relating to life and knowing God's Word.

 John 17:3 says,

 "This is eternal life that they may know thee, the only true God,

and Jesus Christ, Whom Thou hast sent." 

What is the importance of knowing Him. 

Scripture teaches that God wants us to be like Him, so we need to know what He is like.

 2 Corinthians 3:18 says, "But we all with unveiled face

beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord are being transformed

into the same image from glory to glory,

just as from the Lord, the Spirit."

    Here is a study in itself since several ideas are mentioned in other Scriptures also,

 such as "mirror" and "glory to glory"

 and the idea of being "transformed into His image."

    There are tools we can use

(many of which are easily and freely available on line)

to search out words and Scriptural facts in the Bible.

 There are also things God's Word teaches that we need to do to grow

 into mature Christians and be more like Him.

  Here is a list of things to do and following that are some on line helps

that will help in finding answers to questions you may have.

    Steps to Growth:

1.    Fellowship with believers in church or a small group (Acts 2:42; Hebrews 10:24&25).

2.    Pray: read Matthew 6:5-15 for a pattern of and teaching about prayer.

3.    Study Scriptures as I have shared here.

4.    Obey the Scriptures. "Be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only," (James 1:22-25).

5.    Confess sin: Read 1 John 1:9 (confess means to acknowledge or admit).  I like to say, "as often as necessary."

    I like to do word studies. 

A Bible Concordance of Bible Words helps,

 but you can find
most, if not all, of what you need on the internet. 

The internet has Bible Concordances, Greek

and Hebrew interlinear Bibles

(the Bible in the original languages

with a word for word translation underneath),

Bible Dictionaries (such as Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Greek Words)

and Greek and Hebrew word studies.

 Two of the best sites are www.biblegateway.com

 and www.biblehub.com.

I hope this helps.

Short of learning Greek and Hebrew,

these are the best ways to find out

 what the Bible is really saying.


Dear soul,

Do you have the assurance that if you were to die today,

you'll be in the presence of the Lord in Heaven?

Death for a believer is but a doorway that opens into eternal life.


Those who fall asleep in Jesus

shall be reunited with their loved ones in heaven.

Those you've laid in the grave in tears,

you shall meet them again with joy!

Oh, to see their smile and feel their touch...

never to part again!


Yet, if you don't believe in the Lord, you're going to hell.

There is no pleasant way to say it.


The Scripture says,

"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God."

                  ~ Romans 3:23


"That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus,

and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead,

thou shalt be saved."

                  ~ Romans 10:9


Don't fall asleep without Jesus

until you are assured of a place in heaven.


Tonight, if you would like to receive the gift of eternal life

first you must believe in the Lord.

You have to ask for your sins to be forgiven

and put your trust in the Lord.

To be a believer in the Lord, ask for eternal life.

There's only one way to heaven and that's through the Lord Jesus.

That's God's wonderful plan of salvation.


You can begin a personal relationship with Him

by praying from your heart a prayer such as the following:


"Oh God, I'm a sinner.

I've been a sinner all of my life.

Forgive me, Lord.

I receive Jesus as my Savior.

I trust Him as my Lord.

Thank you for saving me.

In Jesus' name, Amen."

If you have never received the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior,

but have received Him today after reading this invitation, please let us know.

We would love to hear from you. Your first name is sufficient.



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