Photos for Souls is a website designed to encourage believers

and to reach lost souls for the Lord,

especially those who feel they have fallen

too far from God's grace to be saved.


We see each visitor as a potential soul that we can reach,

and the Lord has done abundantly above all

that we have imagined,

in saving those who have been presented the gospel

through Photos for Souls.


We would appreciate your prayers

in asking God's blessing on this ministry,

and to prepare the hearts of those who have visited our site,

so that their lives will be changed,

to bring them closer to Him.


We invite you to stay as long as you want,

and browse our collection of nature photographs

and inspirational writings.


Feel free to download or print any photograph in our gallery,

for your personal use, church bulletins, cards, etc...

or to add our link onto your site.

Thank for your support

in partnering with us for the spreading of the Gospel.

God's Simple Plan of Salvation in Various Languages:

How Do I Become a Christian - Receive Jesus as My Savior


If you would like to contact us for spiritual guidance, or for follow up care,

feel free to write to us at

We appreciate your prayers and look forward to meeting you in eternity!


Photos for Souls is a ministry of The Wellsville Bible Church

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